How To Prepare For A Job And Job Interview?

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Landing a job is one of the most difficult part of the adult life. Especially for someone who has just graduated from college or university, landing a good job can be extremely hard when they have little to no experience in a market where all or most employers are looking to recruit candidates with plenty of experience. With many people around carrying degrees, diplomas and certificates the competition is fierce than ever and it does not seem like this is going to change in the foreseeable future.

One of the first things to do before applying to a place is to check the selection criteria of that particular place. The selection criteria differs from place to place. For example the resume and cover letter services differ from the selection criteria for private companies even if it is the same job vacancy at both places.

By analyzing the selection criteria of the places before applying and sending your curriculum vitae, you can take the time to modify and tailor your curriculum vitae in such a way that your skill sets that tick the boxes for the needed criteria are highlighted and brought to attention. It also helps to have excellent graduate cover letters to highlight your academic qualifications and achievements.

Before going for an interview to a company it is best that you do some in depth research into the company before applying. This is a critical thing that needs to be done because it is highly likely that the interviewer will ask you how much you know about the firm and the type of work they do. By researching about the company, you can answer such questions confidently. By researching a company you can also decide if the company is a good fit for you and if it is what you are looking for. Ask people in the field and industry about the companies and also ask them if they do know about any job vacancies as a lot of job opportunities are passed by mouth and not advertised.

If you are someone who does not feel that confident about facing an interviewer by yourself, it can help to practice mock interviews to help you build up confidence and answer questions with a calm nerve. By practicing a mock interview with a close friend or family member, you can prepare yourself for the actual interview. Another obvious thing to do is to make sure your clothes and such are ready before hand. It is essential that you dress up smartly for an interview as a lot of employers’ judge you on the way you are dressed.