Mistakes To Avoid When Building A House

Construction & Building

There are a few mistakes that people make when building, that can cost them their entire house and a lot more. Here’s a few mistakes:

Incorrect Foundation
This is number one on the list, the foundation is the most crucial part, it is the basis for everything else you plan on building, the type of foundation used tends to vary depending on a number of factors such as the condition of the land, the water availability, the space available etc. Based on these factors the professional architectural team can decide on a suitable foundation. A shallow foundation type is used if the soil can take the load of the structure, whereas a deep foundation type is used in the case where the soil cannot bear the load.

Choose the right architect
When choosing, it’s better to take suggestions from your friends or from someone who has newly built their house, because you need someone who is able to put your thoughts into the picture. He should also be very cooperative and a team person. Many good architects have contacts with builders and drafting services Brisbane, so if your architect doesn’t have much contacts then it simply means he doesn’t get along with people.

Failure to conduct a survey!
This is another major red flag, typically, surveyors Gold Coast analyze the condition of the land and suggest an appropriate type of foundation for it. Even the slightest mistake in your foundation can affect the result of your house as your house basically stays on top of the foundation and if that part is strong then even an earthquake won’t have much of an effect on your house so don’t skimp on this part. Surveyors also mark the boundary lines of your house accurately and record it on your deed, this way any legal issues caused by building in another person’s land can be avoided so failure to conduct any survey can cost you a lot more than you think.

Use high-quality products
Always ensure that your workers are using high quality engineered products, failure to do so can eventually cause your property to slowly fall apart. Always use a roof truff system for the roof instead of cheap products and use engineered floor system, you may not see the consequences of using cheap products in the short term but eventually, you will, and that mistake will cost you a lot more to repair. For example, what if one day your roof starts to leak due to heavy rain and wind and it eventually comes falling apart, or you hear your floor creak and make weird noises as you walk? This is exactly what would happen if you don’t use high-quality products from the beginning.