Role Of Panels In Consumer’s Buying Behaviour

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It is wise saying that we make more purchases, what we see attractive. It means that we are more towards impulsive buying. It is a marketing tactic to keep everything on the panels to display near the payment counter so that people see the products and but it even if they do not need it. On the other hand, when we enter in a store, we see so many things which has been placed on the shelves. Some products are fold whereas some are open to display. We buy it but we don’t bother to check all the shelves. The idea of having panels in stores is to sell more products.

The Role:

Decorative wall panels are the need of all the businesses now a days. Panels doesn’t occupy much space on the floor and can be fixed on the walls. The width is also not much. The width is dependent upon the product that needs to be placed on the panels. When we go out to mall for shopping, there is a lot of shop we can see in the same floor. The shops are not much spacious but they have to display all the products so that people can see all the products and show interest in buying. When we don’t see anything displayed, we couldn’t come to know that particular shop has how much variety available at a time. So, it is the need for both, customers and the shop person who are selling it.

The Products on Panels:

Following are the things that can be placed on the wall panels which increases the sell pattern and urge customers to buy even if they are not in need to buy such things.

  • Shoes:

Shoes has to be comfortable. There is a lot of variety available for shoes in the market. Whenever we see comfortable shoes, we feel like we need it. No matter, we have already multiple pairs available on the rack. The display and comfort force us to buy.

  • Clothes:

New and stylish clothes are weakness of all women. Ladies are usually famous for being shopaholic. When we see new design or new fabric places on the panels, we want to ne placed in our wardrobe. Impulsive buying always hurts when we see the bill.


Glasses can be used throughout the year. Every year the trend and style of glasses change. The people who follow new fashion religiously are the victim of displaying new products on the panels.

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